I owe much of the success of Professional Black Girl to YOU, our community. Season 2 was funded almost completely by your generous donations and I will forever be grateful to those of you who have liked, loved, and shared our content on social media, those of you who have bought and rocked our merchandise, and those of you who have taken time out of your day just to send me a note of affirmation and support. THANK YOU!

Professional Black Girl continues to need your support. Many of our peers are able to create and share content with consistency because of the backing of major platforms and sponsors – Professional Black Girl doesn’t have any such financial backing (probably because it’s as BLACK and #Professional as it is). I literally cannot do this without you.

If you’d like to see this project grow and continue, please support it by becoming an ‘EXECUTIVE MEMBER’ of the Professional Black Girl community.

Becoming an Executive Member is as simple as making a one time donation of at least $25. In exchange for your generous gift, you will receive:

  • access to the EXCLUSIVE 36-minute short film screened during the Premiere event in New Orleans.  
  • a bonus “PBG Bounce Fitness” episode;
  • a private link to THE #ProfessionalBlackGirl playlist curated by 9th Wonder; and
  • a special discount on PBG merchandise good for the rest of the calendar year!

So, instead of throwing money at your phone or computer screen screaming ‘Yassssss’, you can just throw it directly into my hands!

Please know that Yaba ain’t getting rich or paying her cell phone bill with your coins. All of your donations will go DIRECTLY to the project.

Hand to heart – THANK YOU!

Yaba Blay