I started using the hashtag #ProfessionalBlackGirl as a way to mark what’s ours as Black girls – a way of saying, “What we have here is a case of peak Black girlness.” You see it. You feel it. You may not have known what to call it or maybe you mistakenly called it something else like “ghetto” or “hood” or “ratchet.” But in naming it “Professional,” I recognize the skill, the talent, the effort, the energy, the beauty, and the power in it – whatever “it” is – and by marking it “Professional,” I recognize that it deserves acknowledgment, if not respect.

Since launching the ‘Professional Black Girl’ webseries, I’ve received dozens if not hundreds of comments, messages, emails, texts, phone calls, and on-the-street thank yous and hugs. Honestly, this isn’t the response I was expecting. I mean, let’s be real, ‘Professional Black Girl’ IS dope. And yes, I knew that we would be entertained by it and that we would enjoy it, but I never imagined that so many sistas would be freed by it, dare I say empowered by it.

Text message:

Why am I sobbing? It is so so so good!!!!!! You are pure magic! Thank you so much for this Sis. It’s healing in ways I couldn’t have even imagined. Love you.


Dear Dr. Blay….
My heart is heavy. I feel weak. I Love My Blackness. I want to be nothing
short of THAT greatness. No matter what they say, I know they hate us because we keep loving ourselves in spite of….

Then I watch your video on being a Professional Black Girl and tears stream down my face. That’s exactly what I am and want to be unabashedly. The freedom of being who we are meant to be. I want to scream it on the top of mountains. I want to just. Be. Me.

I am a physician and oftentimes feel constrained to fit a certain model…but I am multifaceted and desire to live in my truth. Thank you for this and Thank you for reading my email. I deeply appreciate you!


Thank you! This makes me proud of EVERYTHING I COME FROM: teen pregnancy, strong faith, diverse frame of mind, and the strength to keep going.


Thank you for showing US about a deeply rooted richness.
Thank you for creating a space for US to speak life into US.
Thank you for being one of US.


Who else would I be if not one of US?

This world would have us separate ourselves from our Selves just to be accepted or seen as acceptable. “Accepted” by whom? “Acceptable” to what end? As I often type whenever we hear the news of another execution, another Black body terrorized by the State –We all we got. It wouldn’t matter what we wear or how we wear it, where we live or who we choose to live near, what we do or how we do it – we’re Black. And THAT is what they hate. From the President of the United States to a 12-year-old boy playing with a BB gun in a park – our Blackness is a threat.

But it’s also a weapon.

A weapon I choose to wield in protection of my Self and my Spirit. They gone hate you anyway, might as well be happy. And free.

I’m encouraged by our response to Professional Black Girl. It teaches me that although it feels like we need so much and that we’ve got so far to go, it really doesn’t take THAT much to love us. Just a little intentionality and whole ‘lot of commitment.


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