About Professional Black Girl

PROFESSIONAL BLACK GIRL is a multi-platform digital community that celebrates the everyday, round-the-way culture of Black women and girls. In OUR community, “Black Girl Magic” isn’t just reserved for those of us who have accomplished unprecedented achievements (the first one to do this, the only one to do that) – we ALL magical around here!

By announcing ourselves “Professional Black Girls,” we assert an UNAPOLOGETIC identity (#WhoGonCheckMeBoo) in a world that too often tries to tell us how we “ought to” act. We know that “acting” like anything other than ourselves robs us of our FREEDOM, so instead, we choose, embrace, and celebrate EXACTLY WHO WE ARE.

We are professional code-switchers.
We hold Ph.Ds and listen to trap music.
We twerk and we work.
We are Professional Black Girls.


Covering everyday topics like hairstyles and hair care, personal fashion and style, each episode of PROFESSIONAL BLACK GIRL is like a conversation with a woman you know, whether it is your homegirl, your sister, your auntie, or your mama. Each PBG shares her Black girl cultural experience, sharing personal stories and reflection.

Entertaining yet engaging, the series reminds us that ‘Black Girl Magic’ isn’t just reserved for those with unprecedented achievement, but that it applies to all of us.



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